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While early childhood Lyrics Learn to Know Your Child Vocal Point

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim ......

Asslamualaikum wr wb

Hi Mother of the cheerful and energetic, I've got a song in order to teach children to sing while they learn to recognize vowels A, I, U, E, O. ... the following words, cek below :

Title: Singing while Said A I U E O

If only rain candy
Oh how good it opened my mouth wide - the width
A A A A A .... Oh how nice it

If only the snow to rain
Oh how cold her body hugging me tight - closely
I I I I I ....... Oh how cool it

If only it rained stones
Oh how sick her head tightly closed tightly - the tight
U U U U U .... Oh how his illness

If only it rains garbage
Oh how her smell my nose tightly closed tightly - tight
E E E E E .... Oh how it smells

If only it rained ice cream
Oh how glad I opened my mouth right wide - the width
O O O O O .... Oh how nice it

how the mother is not easy to teach your baby singing vowels early to know so they can provide an introduction to what an earlier vowel alphabet to your child know?

Happy to share educational information for the baby even from an early age to be more able to correctly pronounce vowels, consonants before stepping know, may be useful and good luck ....

Baby care with a sincere love and affection a gentle touch to caress ... ty all.

Wssalamualaikum wr wb

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