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What Does StoryTelling for Children ?

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What is a fairy tale?

Tales often identified as a hoax, hoax, delusion, or a story-fetched and no benefits. Some even consider fairy tales as the story makes no sense really, fairy tales are fiction, but it does not mean it is not worthwhile tales. Storytelling is a creative process of children.

In the process of development, the tale always activate not only the intellectual aspects but also aspects of sensitivity, subtlety of character, emotion, art, fantasy, and imagination. not only put the left hemisphere but also the right brain.

The types of stories:
A Traditional Tale

Traditional fairy tales are associated with folklore and is usually hereditary.

B. Futuristic tale

Futuristic tale called modern fairy tale. These tales are usually told about something fantastic or it can also tell you about the future. For example: Earth Century 25, startrek, Back to the future, and Jumanji.

C. Tales of Education

Education is a fairy tale created with an educational mission to the world of children.
For example: inspiring respect for the elderly.

D. Fable

Fables are tales about the life of an animal that could talk like humans depicted. For example: Tales deer, rabbits and turtles.

E. The history of fairy tales

Historical tales are usually associated with a historical event, for example: The story = stories of the friends Rosullulloh SAW, the history of the struggle of Indonesia, the history of the hero and others.

F Fairytale Therapy

Therapy is a fairy tale that is destined for disaster-affected children or children who are sick. This is a fairy tale that can relax the nerves of the brain and make their hearts peaceful.

Storytelling techniques:

A Before Storytelling
 !. Setting Goals
2. Selecting Stories and adjust the child's age.
3. Identify the place and the atmosphere (in or out)
4. Mood or atmosphere liver narrator as well as children

B. During Storytelling
To be considered are as follows:
A. Changes in expression >> expression or wajahsesuai characters.
2. Diction >> choice of words adapted to the language of children. including improvements in the addition of words to the story come alive and more interesting.
3. Gesture >> Body Motion, the goal to support the atmosphere of the story.
4. Vocals (sound quality) and intonation (tone) is good.
5. Make eye contact
6. Describe in detail the story, picture the scene as if you and the kids are in the story.
7. Sing or use musical support.

C. After the storytelling
A. audience evaluation
2. self-evaluation.

Hopefully the above can be useful for us all so that it can provide a good contribution for our beloved children to have a dream that is not only a mere wishful thinking but rather the achievement of the ideals which they hope will want to be?

Thank you very much for visiting my friend and comment in the box available ..... regards success and good luck.

source: Story telling Tips from Kak mia & grants kids.

Wasslamualaikum wr wb

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