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Download Free About Components Administration For Teachers


Asslamualaikum wr wb

In this post I try to discuss and share information about Administration for teachers to A teacher is required to have a particularly high professionalism of teachers who already have a certified teacher. In addition to teaching load shall have 24 hours of face to face every week, a teacher is also required to have administrative tools teachers have at least 27 administrative tools consists of 24 devices and three major enhancements that are all equally important.

If management keadministrasian not well ordered and in accordance with procedures established will make the data so irregular. So can cause problems if the future of Education menyidak educational institutions with the data is not valid and accurate. It will complicate the management if there are students / pupils we obtained the data was missing or not entered.

To it as the Labor Educators / Teachers should be able to execute and implement the administration the right way, following the attached example of the administrative component of teacher to be aware of and have it demonstrated to prevent the synchronization of the data that already exists with the new data.


Teacher Administration component, such as below:
Each device are:
1) Syllabus
2) Education Calendar
3) ProgramTahunan
4) Program Semester
5) Learning Implementation Plan
6) Plan of Implementation of the Day
7) Implementation of Daily Books
8) Presence Students
9) Note Barriers to Student Learning
10) List of Teacher and Student Handbook
11) Analysis of KKM (Minimal criteria for completeness
12) Lattice Problem
13) The problems of Deuteronomy
14) User Rating Information
15) Analysis of Grain Problem
16) Analysis of Results of Deuteronomy
17) Program / Implementation of Improvements
18) Program / Implementation Enrichment
19) List of Returns Deuteronomy Results
20) The book of Deuteronomy rotating
21) List of Values
22) Report of Personality Assessment and Morals Honor Student
23) Book Structured Task
24) Independent Task Books
25) SK Division of Duties
26) Sign the book Progress and Class
27) Schedule of Teaching.

As for teachers who have additional duties as deputy chief and head of each installation in addition to the appointment decree shall be accompanied by a copy of Education and Training support. Indeed, each madrasah teacher has the specific teacher in preparation for the administration, but at least one teacher is able to prepare the above, where when a teacher wants to improve the quality of professionalism.
Administration component Teachers.

Administration Teacher Supplies You Can Download Below :
1. General Guidelines For Syllabus Development
2. Draft Development Guide
3. Indicator Development Guidelines
4. Completed Learning Guide
5. Lesson Materials development Guide
6. Subjects Development Guide
7. General Guidelines For Model Development Learning Face To Face
8. Remedial Learning Guide
9. Enrichment Learning Guide
10. Development Guide MULOK
11. Draft Assessment Guide
12. KKM Determination Guide
13. Affective Assessment Guide
14. Psychomotor Assessment Guide
15. Grain Problem Writing Guide
16. Grain Problem Analystis Guide
17. Learning Outcomes Report Writing Guide

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Sources : HERE
Wasslamulaikum wr wb

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