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Important Role of Media Create E TV Early Childhood

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WANT to learn it on TV? Television programs that broadcast-based learning curriculum formal, nonformal, and lessons outside of school or course is provided by the Educational Television (TV E).

E is the production of TV and Communication Technology Center (Pustekom) Ministry of Education. E series of TV programs can only be seen by TVRI and private television stations (Space Toon) with a certain time. TVRI, the show can be seen every Monday-Thursday 7:15 to 9:30 pm and 14:15 to 16:30 pm.

While at the Space Toon at 12:00 to 13:00 every day. "TV E is reserved for students who are out of town especially in remote areas," said the head of the Technology and Communication Subfields E Kusdianto Hilman TV.

According Kusdianto, aim to improve the quality of education, particularly students in remote areas such as in eastern Indonesia.

"Therefore, TV E is present to answer these problems, this is only one solution, we are on the air for 24 hours, which can be captured by a satellite dish," said Kusdianto.

For those who are in the area to get TV broadcasts E is fairly easy. Because usually in the area to capture television broadcasts did have to use a satellite dish.

"Educational television might be a fresh breeze in the midst of educational issues. Moreover since the government imposed a national exam passing standards across Indonesia. In fact, it is not the same quality of education in various parts of the archipelago, especially in eastern Indonesia, "said Chairman of the National Commission on Children Seto Mulyadi.

Model of learning through the television set can also be a reference for students and home school Learning Community Activity Center (PKBM) in various regions, he added.

Relevant to its purpose, perhaps a limited amount of airtime that was appropriate and the message can be up to the mark. But hopefully this educational show will be produced more diverse and can be matched with the time slot that most watched soap opera when the whole family was home. ***

(From various sources)

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