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Optimizing Developmental Psychology In Children

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Asslamualaikum wr wb

Bright and cheerful greetings to dear friend, still loyal to read and follow my writing it, thank God ... now I want to share interesting info about the following below :

In general, the actual maturity of cognition will be created indirectly if the child is learning in kindergarten. Children tried to show one form of behavior, then see the reaction from the people around him. Children also develop emotional skills through imitation and association of the behavior of the adults around them. Too many restrictions make children feel inferior and do not believe in their own abilities. Therefore here are some ways to optimize the psychological development of children:

1. Preparing the physical maturity

a. Improve gross motor skills
Give children enough time to feel the sensation derived from the activity of play. With the climb, jump, jump, throw, up and down stairs, and the like, the child will enter the process of experiencing and feeling, as well as gross motor skills training. Surely this is the result of that support their physical maturity.

b. Improve fine motor skills
- Involve children in activities attached, meronce, twisting the night, play sand, rice, rolled threads, and the like.

- Ask your child to do activities, such as scribbling or writing on the blackboard and erase, and write in the air. Events like this will strengthen the shoulder muscles, arms, and fingers are used to write.

- Training activities for the train cut visual motor skills, coloring pictures, tracing lines, mimicking the forms, and the like.

2. Preparing maturity cognition

In general, the actual maturity of cognition will be created indirectly if the child is learning in kindergarten. However, if for some reason did not get to school children in kindergarten, here are some things parents can do at home to hone cognitive skills.

a. So that children are able to form diffrent
Teach the basic forms of the basic geometry (circles, triangles, rectangles, ovals, rectangles, ovals) in a variety of sizes and colors. Ask the children to pair the same form based on the size and color. Variations can be given in other forms of the objects around him or through the pictures. For example, "Budi, try searching for cars the same color yes" or "Budi, try looking at this image any objects that are round like a ball".

b. So that children understand the concepts of space and time
Teach the concept of space (right, left, top, bottom, front, rear, inside and outside) and the concept of time (date, time, tomorrow, yesterday, the day after tomorrow, week, month, year, and the names of the day) through games, gymnastics rhythmic, or in everyday activities. When the teaching left and right, should not use terms that can confuse a child like a good hand to show the right hand and bad for the left hand.

c. In order for children to understand the concept of large, amount, and comparison
Ask the children to compare the concept of large-small, much-less, recognize numbers (count 1,2,3 and so on), order (unity, second, and so on), the concept of (most of, at most, and so on), and other comparisons (high-low, short-term, hard-soft, fast-slow, good-bad, good, bad, rough, smooth, etc.). Learning activities can be done through the game by using the media toys, pictures, or objects around him.

d. That children have the ability to remember
Given the ability to memorize can be trained through the activity of a simple song or chant, remember the names of friends, remembering the names of objects around him, recounting his own book he was reading or being read by others, or recounting daily events that have experienced.

May be useful and successful friend always .... amen, thanks

Wasslamualaikum wr wb

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